What to eat in Ağva?

When it comes to food in our cute town of Ağva, the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious and varied breakfast offered by the Ağva hotels and restaurants by the creek, and almost all of the guests who come for accommodation have the chance to taste this most delicious meal in their own accommodation facility. The number of our guests who travel tens of kilometers just for breakfast is too high to be underestimated.

For lunch options, alternatives such as handmade pancakes, ravioli and raw pastries, which are generally faster, more economical, and consumed by all of us as the public, adoringly and sometimes hesitantly, are presented to your taste fresh from the hands of sweet ladies.

It is evening, and for those who say that since we are on the Black Sea coast, it is impossible to go back without eating fish, fish restaurants of all sizes are located right by the sea. You can also choose to consume appetizing fresh appetizers and olive oil dishes before the fish. Apart from the hunting ban, if you are in Ağva, you have the chance to consume many delicious sea fish fresh. Bluefish, Kalkan, bonito, whiting, tabby, bluefish, horse mackerel and anchovy are among the most popular ones that come to mind.

In addition, Ağva is a very rich region in terms of mushroom diversity. Depending on the season, you can buy it at the farmer's market or taste it in some restaurants.

There is also fish among the dinner alternatives that vary within Ağva Hotels. Even if you say I don't like fish and don't consume seafood, there are kebab, meat and home-cooked options in our cute town.

You decide what you want, and Agva will present its options to you with all its generosity. The common thing will be the feeling of intimacy in all the places you will eat and the effort to please you. Enjoy your meal in advance for the meals you will enjoy in the places carefully located in the natural texture of Ağva, rather than the flashy places in the big cities.

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