• The coronavirus responsible of Beyaz Ev Ağva, our resident facility at Yakuplu Caddesi No: 256 Ağva, is Günay Tezcanlı (0532 3542211), Aslı Esen (0532 2717335) and Rengin Tekin (0532 4432042).


  • The closest health institution to our facility is Ağva Family Health Center (Ağva Merkez, Yakuplu Cad., 34990 Şile | 0 216 721 73 63) and Şile State Hospital (Kumbaba Mh. Uygur Sok.No:267 Şile | 0 216 606 08 26) .


  • The in-house outbreak action plan has been prepared to be implemented as stated in the Circular No. 8680 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey on 02.06.2020. Our facility is under the control of the Ministry of Turkish Affairs.


  • The standards to be followed in the cleaning of all areas in our facility, the protective equipment to be used during cleaning and the usage periods of these equipment have been determined for the personnel by the coronavirus officers. All staff comply with social distance rules and associated markings. While inside the facility, they use masks permanently. All staff have a Hygiene Certificate and receive theoretical and practical training regularly. The fire measurements of our personnel are made daily at the entry and exit of the work and are recorded with the PAÖT (Personnel Fire Measurement Tracking Schedule). In addition, daily field movements of the personnel within the hotel are tracked with PTİH (Personnel Contact & Monitoring Map).


  • In our facility, disinfectant mats are used at the entrance of the staff and restaurant. There are place markings and waste boxes for distance in general usage areas of our facility. Cleaning, ventilation and disinfection procedures applied with ATD (Area Tracking Control Chart) for all general areas of use are recorded daily.


  • In our reception area, disinfectant and disposable masks are kept for the use of our guests if needed. All measures have been taken in our facility to ensure that our staff and guests spend minimum time and complete their operations easily. Guests are informed in this area, covid_19 information form is taken from the guests at the entrance and fever measurements are made. Guests showing signs of the disease are kept in the quarantine room and reported to the authorities. A maximum of 2 employees work in our reception area at the same time.


  • The transactions carried out in our floor areas and which personnel perform these operations at what time are recorded are recorded daily with KOTTD (Floor Room Cleaning Tracking and Audit Schedule). A maximum of 2 employees work on our floors at the same time.


  • Our rooms are primarily ventilated for 2 hours after the guests leave the hotel. General cleaning is done and kept ready for guest acceptance. Television and air conditioning controls, air conditioning, door handles, tap heads, headboards and wet areas are carefully disinfected when every guest leaves the hotel. All textile products are washed at 60/90 creeks and dried in drying machines. Our rooms have masks and hand sanitizers for our guests. Our chambers are periodically disinfected with nano silver ion technology disinfectant certified by the Ministry of Health 'Biocidal 2' and 'Biocidal 4'. Guests cannot enter the room before 14:00. Maximum 2 personnel work at the same time for room cleaning.


  • In our kitchen, the directives of the relevant institutions of the state are followed in the preparation of food and beverage, in the acceptance of goods and in the conditions of storing the products. In addition, goods acceptance is recorded daily with MKTÇ (Goods Acceptance Tracking Schedule).


  • Forks and knives that you will use during breakfast and food service in our restaurant are disinfected for you and kept in transparent packages for the use of guests. Disposable disinfectants or cologne, salt, pepper and sugar were supplied to the tables. Table layouts are kept constant and marked considering the social distance rules. Breakfast and meals are served to our guests by our staff in the form of plate service. A maximum of 2 staff members work simultaneously in our indoor restaurant, and a maximum of 14 people can receive breakfast or food service at the same time. A maximum of 4 employees work simultaneously in our open restaurant area, and a maximum of 24 people can receive breakfast or food service at the same time. QR menu is used to reduce contact.

Our guests
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In order to ensure the health of our guests and to ensure a safe and healthy holiday, businesses with 50 rooms or more have to take 'Safe Tourism Certificate' we have received. Your health is important to us ..