Why Is Ağva Beyaz Ev's Breakfast Different?

Breakfast is the favorite meal of all of us, from 7 to 70, without exception. So much so that Turkish breakfast is a meal that has the richest content in the world, from sweet to salty, which can almost become a feast depending on our creativity and skill, and can gather family members around the table, especially on holidays.

Breakfast in Ağva, especially the breakfast in Beyaz Ev, as we say, is no breakfast.
It is served with beauty and richness, which is frequented by our guests from outside as well as our guests staying at the hotel every day of the week. Although the breakfast content is prepared with more or less the same ingredients in our homes, the most important factor in breakfast quality is to reach the best of the ingredients, as natural as possible and as many varieties in today's conditions. Our breakfast at Beyaz Ev includes Trabzon tulum cheese, fresh basket cheese unique to Adapazarı, Ezine white cheese with its delicious and unique flavor, Çeçil cheese and tiny balls of mozzarella with dried tomatoes and olive oil, aged cheddar and fried halloumi cheese among our hot varieties. Although our 3 kinds of homemade jam change according to the season, our master's special sweet pumpkin jam, carrot jam, blackberry jam and strawberry jam are among the most frequently asked recipes from our guests. Speaking of sweet options, we also serve honey energy sources with sesame tahini and molasses and delicious buffalo cream from Kandıra, and our special village butter for breakfast. In addition to these, cream chocolate is one of the favorite flavors of many of us. Cheese paste, another white house classic, and specially prepared acuka are different flavors. Again, natural energy source dried figs, dried apricots, walnuts, fresh hazelnuts are on your table. Fresh greens from the surrounding villages, fragrant tomatoes and cucumbers and seasonal fresh fruits are indispensable.

What a variety and a beautiful presentation, we hear such words most often when serving the tables.
When our guests start to enjoy this mixed breakfast, the preparation and presentation of our 4 types of hot breakfast dishes, which we change daily, begins.
Our master's own delicious specialties; Our guests, who continue their breakfast with long and pleasant conversations accompanied by the sounds of birds on the pier, enjoy the atmosphere by sipping their unlimited hot tea while the glazed egg or omelette, the recipe of which is prepared with baguette, pancakes, börek types, yeast pastries, sausage eggs, menemen, and Agva mushrooms, is served to the table one by one. they take it out. In winter, breakfast is a pleasure in our living room with fireplace.

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